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Since 1998, we've helped businesses in Atlanta, Georgia grow at record speed, with custom-built IT solutions and expert IT support from professionals that care...

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100% customer satisfaction assured ★

We are the industry leaders for expert IT services in Georgia

We are passionate about helping small to mid-sized businesses in and around Atlanta GA grow with technology. Because it is possible.

We've seen this happen time and again, small companies growing more efficiently because they finally have the right IT to fit their needs...

Like LUV carwash, which grew from 5 to 500 employees under our expert care, and dozens of other businesses that we have supported through seasons of remarkable growth.

A painfully slow IT environment can frustrate even the most enthusiastic employee - avoid that by working with an IT team that understands your business and an IT environment that works seamlessly.

Your time is more valuably spent growing your business rather than Googling solutions to office IT problems. We make sure that every service we provide is tailored to your specific needs.

100% customer satisfaction assured ★
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Interesting facts about us

Your one-stop IT partner

From cybersecurity to network installation, we do IT all with in-house experts based in Atlanta.

+30% efficiency increase

We make your working experience more efficient than it has ever been, saving you time and money.

Lifelong partners

We think long-term. For every solution and strategy we provide you, we stick around to make it work.

Record-fast response times

We respond quickly when you call for help. And If you need us onsite, we show up on time - because we're local to you!

”Their engineers are highly capable and they solve problems the first time.”

“We knew we needed an upgrade from our old out-of-state IT provider and we were introduced to InfoTank. We immediately noticed a difference in responsiveness and quality of service. Their engineers are highly capable and they solve problems the first time. They have also been able to help us with some larger projects like office moves and hardware purchases. I like that they are local and can quickly deploy to the office when needed.”

Camryn Mastel
CEO - Innovien Solutions

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