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Our IT support Atlanta website design and systems integration experts build tools to automate your business functions and integrate with your current systems. Watch your efficiency skyrocket with the right custom web solution.

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Custom Web Development


One of the best ways to integrate your website with your business data is through an Application Programming Interface (API). We've helped clients achieve seamless integration with APIs such as Google Maps, Zoom, Mailchimp and Black Baud to name a few. We can help make your website directly connect to most existing platforms.
We know what it takes to power your organization. We create management systems in addition to connecting your current internal office systems to your website. By harnessing the power of database/application connectivity solutions, we are able to build specialized backend admin pages that deliver control and flexibility that is customized to suit your needs.
We use Microsoft SQL Server to deliver personalized database structures tailored to your structure. This affords the ability to create most anything from scratch, or in many cases we can tap into your existing database frameworks. Explore the freedom of having all of your information available in one place!
Our code readily connects to popular gateways allowing for personalized shopping cart development for your services and products. We can tailor your websites online experience from all aspects, giving you total control over inventory, sale and backend reporting.
Ditch the headaches and downtime with GoDaddy and let us host your website. We provide state of the art hosting platforms through Microsoft Azure to fit your needs. From simple websites to complex data-driven dynamic platforms, our virtual server solutions are fitted to your particular circumstance. Our professional team keeps you up and running 24/7.
We have helped many businesses harness the power of an efficient inventory system. We can develop one from scratch or tap into your existing system with improvements. Your customers and employees need quick and reliable access to your products, we have you covered!
Sales drive your profits. Internal operations often require staff, vendors and clients to interact for quoting products and services. We've assisted many clients with custom backend systems that can handle the sales and quoting process from beginning to end.
Integration is one of the strongest services we offer. Let us assist you in taking all of your existing assets to create an integrated solution that will make your website far more powerful. We can give your staff the power to create dynamic website with fresh content as well as integrating with your backend requirements.
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Website design

Our team is ready to help your business flourish online, and we have the tools and expertise to make it happen quickly and affordably.

  • Beautiful, Modern Design
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Hosting & Updates Included
  • Go Live in as Little as 1 Week!

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Our Method

Every job starts with a thorough understanding of your needs
Our Atlanta website design team helps with the flow and aesthetics of your site
Front Facing Site
Our designers transform your vision into a reality with our highly rated content management system
Back End Development
We integrate your site with existing databases and software
Quality Control
Our team will ensure your site works perfectly and meets all of your specifications
Launch and Measure
We will take your site live and assist with analytics to measure your success

Database Management

Let’s face it, databases are a MUST for organizations today. You need a place to store and organize all of your information. The problem comes when you need that information displayed in a certain way. Or worse, when you need one database to play nicely with a separate system in your organization.

That is where InfoTank comes in. We have the expertise to help you maximize your current systems to their fullest potential. Most of our clients are using their systems at only 15-20% of their capability, which is a waste of time and money.

We have in-house developers on staff who can integrate various systems with APIs, not to mention writing custom code when necessary. Call us today and let’s take a look at how we can make you more efficient and streamline operations.

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”InfoTank has helped us create a cutting-edge website”

"We have worked with InfoTank for about 14 years. Throughout that time, InfoTank has helped us create a cutting-edge website to serve our parish community. Their knowledge, expertise, creativity and willingness to think outside of the box yielded a platform that has been admired by many parishes throughout the country. Additionally, they oversee aspects of our IT (network, cybersecurity, web design, etc.)."

Kim Schulman
Director of Communications
Holy Spirit Catholic Church

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We have all it takes to make your IT environment work like a well-oiled machine, with seamless workflows and practically zero downtime!

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Peachtree Church

Peachtree Church is the largest presbyterian church in the United States. Peachtree's website demonstrates the full capabilities of the InfoTank CMS system.

Solution Highlights
  • Dynamic Sermons/Livestream Integration
  • Baptism Registration System
  • Nursery Management System
  • Prayer Wall page with backend admin
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Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Holy Spirit has a highly integrated website that extends the functionality of their back-end systems to enhance their parishioner's experience.

Solution Highlights
  • API integration with their church management system (Blackbaud)
  • Custom pledge and payment plan system
  • Database integration with their event management system (EMS)
  • Event signups with RSVP and online payments
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Cana Communications

CANA Communications is a fire alarm, security, sound, emergency communication, and infrastructured cabling system provider operating in Georgia since 1982.

Solution Highlights
  • Web-driven quoting system
  • Multi-platform database integration
  • Back-end admin
  • CMS driven front-end website
  • Management reporting
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St. Andrew UMC

St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano Texas is the quintessential faith-based website that serves their members with an easy to manage website.

Solution Highlights
  • Integrated user management
  • Custom sermons management
  • Devotionals
  • Database driven video content management
  • Back-office Communications Dept. application
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Whitefield Academy

Whitefield Academy, founded in 1997, is a Christ-centered college preparatory school serving the Atlanta metro area.

Solution Highlights
  • Integrated user management
  • Custom grades integration
  • Data integration with school software systems
  • Custom web-driven attendance Admin
  • Class roster management
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Hinman Dental Meeting

Since 1912, the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting has clinical education to the dental community. Each year they fill the GA World Congress Center with educational opportunities and exhibits.

Solution Highlights
  • Meeting management integrated with their hospitality system
  • Registration System
  • Clinician management
  • Course registration and scheduling
  • Management reporting
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