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InfoTank provides world-class solutions and specialized IT support & service packages that help Atlanta businesses streamline operations, expand, and gain a competitive edge.

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Explore what InfoTank, a managed service provider (Atlanta, GA), can do for you

You've made it! You built a business from scratch, and now you have dozens of people working for you, slowly moving you closer to your goals. But you can't grow an empire with poor IT support that fails you in critical moments.

Why risk everything you've worked on when you can have the best-managed service provider Atlanta, GA, can offer?

InfoTank is a top-rated, most-liked technology services provider in the area, offering top-notch IT help to small businesses. Our senior engineers work around the clock to ensure that your IT infrastructure and tech stack are always running smoothly and effectively.

We can be your in-house IT staff, keeping your tech support expenses low and foreseeable. As a local team, we are more affordable than hiring internal staff.

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Managed IT services

Managed service providers Atlanta relies on

One of the major IT management problems in Atlanta is small companies relying on their full-time IT staff to handle everything from infrastructure to business applications.

Why is that an issue? Because one to three people teams can never have all the necessary technical skills, tool sets, or capacity to keep up with numerous and continuously evolving IT disciplines.

Another issue is that there are about 500 smaller, a dozen or so larger MPS companies and many individuals in Atlanta claiming they provide the best services in the field. With such noise, how can you recognize the one that can really deliver results?

InfoTank as an affordable solution

After more than two decades of working as an MPS, we recommend you follow the trail of success. As one of the top managed service providers (Atlanta-based), InfoTank has all the info, skills, experience, and tools to make your business thrive. Just take a look at our long list of satisfied customers! Let us offer you a solution that fits your company's needs and goals perfectly.

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We do it all

InfoTank provides in-house IT experts that can handle anything a small Atlanta business needs — from network installation to cybersecurity.

We do it better

With our care, your IT sector will run smoothly, without costly downtimes resulting in a 30% efficiency increase. That will save you plenty of time and money in the long run.

Our results last longer

Long-term planning and making strategy that aligns with your goals are at the very core of our operations. We want more than just to set you off on the right path — we want to be there for you as you continue to grow.

We are faster

Another advantage of hiring a local company is that we can be there when you need us. We can quickly come to your physical offices to handle any problem that arises.

Enterprise-grade IT Infrastructure

Managed IT services

Enjoy the power of a reliable IT infrastructure

Just as you have employees focused on planning and achieving short-term and long-term goals, you need a competent team to develop an IT strategy.

Our senior engineers have decades of experience each and are fully equipped to assist you in planning, purchasing, installing, and maintaining both hardware and software.

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Managed IT services

Hardware and software needs covered

We will quickly assess your business' IT requirements if you decide to hire us. We will make a list of every piece of equipment necessary to upgrade your flow and build you the right stack of software.

That way, we will provide you with the best tools available to grow your business smoothly and steadily. That includes WiFi, firewalls, servers, computers, and more.

Thanks to our long-lasting relationships with hardware suppliers and software vendors, we can get you quality equipment without breaking your budget. Take advantage of our business connections and let us deal with vendors while you focus on more pressing issues.

Managed IT services

Network services made better

A stable, secure, and fast network is basically a must in the digital age. That's why you need the finest managed IT services Atlanta can offer to monitor and manage your network.

If you decide to work with us, we will make sure every network appliance is up and running, constantly monitoring its performance. Here's what we can do for you:

  • Contact us regarding your issue
  • Free security testing/diagnostic
  • Creating a strategy
  • Implementing new backup systems or starting the recovery process
  • Final testing of your new cyber security/backup systems or verifying and returning recovered data
  • Systems maintenance
Managed IT services

Advanced cloud solutions

We understand that remote work calls for more freedom but requires more control at the same time. Not a problem — all you need are experts with mastery over cloud computing. So, if you have staff working remotely, we can:

  • Help your employees work from anywhere across the globe, from any device;
  • Make sure your data still stays centralized and secure;
  • Guarantee you have the power to grant or refuse access to your company data;
  • Ensure your business stays up and running, no matter what happens to your physical offices.
Managed IT services

Hassle-free ISP and VOIP solutions

We've successfully worked with companies like RingCentral, Nextiva, AT&T, Comcast, and other top-notch ISP and VOIP providers in Atlanta.

Thanks to such connections, we can arrange the most suitable deals for you. On top of that, we will handle purchasing and negotiations at no additional cost.

Managed IT services

The Intranet you can rely on

Having a quality Intranet portal means you have one central location to store all your data. As a result, you'll no longer have to waste time searching for company policies, files, support tickets, technology projects, etc.

As a part of our managed IT Atlanta services, we provide expert Intranet portal setups and support. We monitor every part of your Intranet and generate comprehensive reports to ensure that your portal delivers an effortless user experience. In addition, your virtual CIO can recommend short and long-term IT strategies allowing you to always stay ahead of the curve.

Your business deserves better IT infrastructure. Let us supply you with the best hardware and software deals and equipment in Atlanta.

Reliable IT Management

Managed IT services

Use the Advantage of Full IT Management

As a small business owner, you are probably already stretched thin, and having to deal with IT issues can only add to the overall stress. For this reason, you might decide to hire full-time staff to handle IT management, but that isn't an effective long-term solution.

That is because you can't expect one or a handful of employees to keep track of the fast-evolving tech industry and put out fires that arise daily.

However, if you hire us as your managed service provider (Atlanta, GA), we will be in charge of selecting new technology, updating current systems, managing security concerns, and providing continuous maintenance and support. At InfoTank, we can guarantee to meet all your IT objectives.

Managed IT services

We believe in a proactive approach

We strive to balance preventative security and process-driven efficiency. That's why we establish policies tailored to your organization's needs, ensuring that you stay operational in any situation.

As your company grows, we work with you to routinely analyze your tools to ensure you are functioning efficiently, productively, and effectively using your company’s tech. As a result, we get to take down issues before they arise or start affecting your workflow.

Managed IT services

24/7 help desk support and remote monitoring and management

Our help desk professionals are ready to provide excellent customer service and support at all times. Furthermore, our team uses RMM to monitor the status of your hardware and software, notifying you of any potential problems.

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Atlanta's best CIOs and IT engineers always have your back

Our CIOs, technicians, engineers, and other IT support employees are certified in practically every major manufacturer, practice, and approach. That means you get access to the finest experts in the area.

We like to regularly consult with our clients to make sure we are on the same track. For this reason, you can expect frequent updates, evaluations, and reports. We also take on the role of a trusted advisor, always ready to offer a helping hand should you need it. And all that for a much lower cost than having a full-time IT team.

Managed IT services

Improving every part of your IT operations

Our team begins by creating the best IT strategy for your company. From there, we create a strong and adaptable architecture. Afterward, we work on assessing and updating hardware and software that will be a part of that architecture. Finally, we keep an eye on it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure it's always up and running.

Admittedly, the transition can be a bit challenging. But it will only take a day or two for your employees to learn the ropes of the new tools we provide, and then you will reap the benefits for years to come.

Managed IT services

More than just managed service providers (Atlanta region)

We not only deliver excellent customer service, but we also bring a degree of professionalism to the table that you must experience to appreciate.

Our greatest desire is to develop a trusting relationship with you and become your strategic partner. Based on your business goals, we can assist you in understanding and planning the technical requirements for your organization's IT infrastructure demands.

We evaluate your growth objectives and strategies and recommend the technology you need to propel your company forward.

Interested in learning more about us? We are at your disposal 24/7!

Cybersecurity solutions

Managed IT services

We build up your cyber resilience

Just like other aspects of IT, the cybersecurity sector is always changing. To help your data stay safe, our team consistently stays on top of industry trends, implementing preventive tactics that are tailored to your company and sector.

We assist you in remaining compliant with relevant regulations, providing access to zero-day threat information, running risk assessments and penetration testing, and developing incident-response procedures.

Managed IT services

Taking your security to the next level

Make security your competitive edge by outsourcing expert cybersecurity services on an as-needed or continuous, managed basis.

As one of the best-managed service providers in the Atlanta area, we can help you by creating incident response practices to prepare for worst-case scenarios. On top of that, we can train you and your team to maintain top-notch security from the inside out.

Managed IT services

Learn how vulnerable your company is to cyber attacks

Our security specialists will try to mimic cyber attacks in order to discover and securely exploit your business' weak spots.

We do so without jeopardizing system availability or information confidentiality, allowing you to continue operating as usual.

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