8 Reasons You Should Migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

Choosing the right platforms for seamless communication and collaboration is crucial in the modern digital landscape. Among the myriad options, GoDaddy and Microsoft 365 emerge as notable contenders, each with unique offerings.

GoDaddy, known for domain registration and hosting, now offers email and office suite services. Yet, many are looking to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft  365. Microsoft 365, by Microsoft, is famous for its productivity tools and robust infrastructure. It stands out because it can simplify work processes and promotes teamwork. 

This blog post is for decision-makers considering changing their digital platform to improve business operations. We'll explain why moving to Microsoft 365 could be a game-changing step towards better operational efficiency.

1. Enhanced productivity features

Microsoft 365 is packed with tools that boost real-time collaboration. It allows cloud-based access to documents anytime, anywhere. This is a game-changer for remote teams or individuals on the move.

The integration with other Microsoft services is also a huge plus. It forms a cohesive work ecosystem, extending beyond basic office suite operations. Tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are integrated seamlessly, aiding in smooth workflow.

Take, for example, a marketing team working on a project pitch. When you migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft  365, team members can co-author the presentation in real time on PowerPoint. Teams can also discuss changes on Microsoft Teams and store the file on SharePoint for easy access. 

With GoDaddy's office suite, real-time collaboration is less intuitive. Collaboration may need multiple steps or platforms to achieve the same level of interaction, slowing down the process.

Productive office team

2. Better email management

Another good reason to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is its better email management. Outlook showcases advanced email management features, overtaking GoDaddy's email services significantly.

A standout advantage is the expansive storage capacity of Microsoft 365, contrasting sharply with GoDaddy's limited storage offering. The ample storage means users aren't constantly managing their inbox to avoid it getting filled, enhancing efficiency and ensuring critical communications aren't overlooked.

Aside from the clear storage benefit, the harmony between Microsoft 365's email management and other Microsoft services amplifies convenience and functionality.

Tasks like scheduling meetings or sharing documents via email become effortless with the integration of Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint. These integrated tools streamline email management, notably cutting down the time and effort needed for email-based coordination and collaboration.

employees working on computers

3. Robust security measures

Microsoft 365 takes the lead in security with solid features like data loss prevention and threat protection. These elements outshine GoDaddy's security offerings, ensuring a safer haven for your data.

The data loss prevention (DLP) in Microsoft 365 is noteworthy. It helps spot and secure sensitive information across many services. In comparison, GoDaddy's security setup lacks this comprehensive DLP, making Microsoft 365 a stronger choice for severe data protection.

Threat protection in Microsoft 365 is also robust. It uses smart algorithms to spot and stop threats early.

For instance, imagine a local non-profit facing a phishing attempt. With Microsoft 365, the threat might be identified and neutralized swiftly. However, the threat might linger longer on GoDaddy, risking data exposure. This scenario showcases why migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 could be a wise move for better security.

a person enjoying robust security features

4. Compliance and data retention

Compliance and data retention are critical for many businesses. Microsoft 365 steps up by meeting high compliance standards. It goes beyond with strong data retention and eDiscovery features. The eDiscovery feature helps businesses find, hold, and export data easily.

On the other hand, GoDaddy's framework doesn't quite match up to Microsoft 365's compliance tools. This difference makes Microsoft 365 a more reliable choice for data handling.

Let's say a legal firm needs to retain or fetch client data for legal processes. With Microsoft 365, finding and holding onto this data is straightforward. On GoDaddy, the firm might struggle with data retrieval, which could slow down crucial legal processes. 

compliance and data retention

5. Scalability and flexibility

Microsoft 365 offers plans that adapt as your needs change. Unlike GoDaddy, it supports businesses at every stage of growth.

Microsoft 365 provides a variety of plans to choose from. This means companies can start small and upgrade as they expand. GoDaddy's offerings are less flexible, which might hinder a business's growth or budget adjustments.

The flexibility in Microsoft 365 allows for smoother transitions as the business evolves, showcasing it is a wise decision when you migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365.

office team enjoying the flexibility of apps 

6. Superior support and reliability

Microsoft 365 shines with a plethora of support options and uptime guarantees from Microsoft. This level of backing greatly outperforms what GoDaddy offers.

However, GoDaddy has a simple interface, which can be advantageous for beginners. It's less daunting to navigate compared to the extensive features of Microsoft 365. Still, when it comes to tackling technical issues, having a robust support system like that of Microsoft 365 can be a lifesaver.

The superior support and reliability of Microsoft 365 make migrating from GoDaddy a thoughtful consideration for those wanting peace of mind in high-pressure situations.

superior support and reliable team

7. Cost efficiency

Cost-effectiveness is crucial for businesses. Microsoft 365 shines when it comes to providing value for money. Over time, the savings through Microsoft 365's superior features accumulate.

GoDaddy might attract with its initial lower pricing. For a business just starting out, this could be appealing. Yet, as business operations expand, the long-term value provided by Microsoft 365 becomes evident.

For instance, a small company might initially opt for GoDaddy due to lower upfront costs. As they grow, the lack of features might hinder efficiency and demand a switch.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 later offers companies robust tools and better cost management in the long run. The migration, although an upfront investment, saves them more over time with improved efficiency and productivity.

cost efficient

8. Easier migration from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

The idea of migration can be intimidating. However, when you migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft  365, it is easier with many tools and support options at hand. Microsoft offers substantial resources to aid in the migration process.

GoDaddy has its merits. It might appeal to some due to its domain hosting expertise. It's a known player in the domain registration and hosting sphere. Yet, when it comes to transitioning towards a more robust office suite, Microsoft 365 stands out.

For instance, a small business that initially used GoDaddy for domain registration decided to upgrade its productivity suite.

By migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365, the business can now access a streamlined migration process with Microsoft's guidance. The process becomes less of a chore and more of a step towards enhanced productivity and collaboration, making the decision to migrate a wise and beneficial choice.

business migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

How to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

Knowing how to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is key for a smooth switch. This migration involves moving your domain name, email accounts, and other data from GoDaddy to a new Microsoft 365 tenant.

This process, laid out in clear steps, is less complex with the right help. You can also get support from third-party services if needed.

Follow the steps below so you can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft 365 sooner.

Step 1. Pre-migration preparations

The initial step involves a thorough evaluation and planning. Assess your current GoDaddy setup, including the number of mailboxes, data volume, and domain settings. Crafting a migration plan at this stage will set a clear path forward.

Subsequently, purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription that aligns with your organization's needs. Following this, create user accounts on Microsoft 365 and assign licenses to these accounts, ensuring each user has a corresponding Microsoft 365 login account ready for the migration.

Step 2. Data backup

Before venturing further into the migration, ensure a comprehensive backup of all email data, contacts, and calendars from GoDaddy. This step safeguards your data, ensuring nothing is lost during migration.

Step 3. Domain verification

Kickstart the domain verification process on Microsoft 365 to assert domain ownership. Updating the DNS records at GoDaddy to point to Microsoft 365 services is crucial to this step. This action in GoDaddy helps route email traffic to your new Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

Step 4. Email migration

Preparing for email migration entails obtaining the necessary credentials and pinpointing the migration method that suits your organization.

Execute the email migration using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center or opt for third-party tools like BitTitan if the migration appears complex. Post-migration, verifying that all email data has migrated and synced correctly with your new Microsoft 365 tenant is vital.

Step 5. Reconfigure email clients

To maintain uninterrupted email access, it's crucial to reconfigure email clients to connect to the new Microsoft 365 mailboxes. This step in how to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 may necessitate some assistance either from GoDaddy support or Microsoft 365 guides to guarantee a smooth reconfiguration.

Step 6. Migrating other data

Transfer other data, such as files and folders, to SharePoint Online, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams based on your organizational setup.

This step is crucial to the migration process, ensuring all your data is accessible in the new environment.

Step 7. Testing and troubleshooting

Conducting thorough testing is crucial to confirm everything is functioning as expected. During this phase, address any issues that arise, ensuring a smooth operation of your new Microsoft 365 setup.

Step 8. Transitioning DNS records

Transitioning DNS records from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is critical to completing the email migration. This may include updating MX records to direct email flow to your new Microsoft 365 mailboxes, effectively completing email migration to Microsoft 365.

Step 9. Post-migration tasks

After the migration is complete, decommission old services, ensure all users are comfortable with the new setup, and provide training if necessary. Continuous monitoring of the system for any potential issues and addressing them promptly is essential for maintaining operational efficiency.

Step 10. Support and maintenance

Leverage Microsoft support for any post-migration issues or further enhance your Microsoft 365 setup. Microsoft 365 admin portal becomes your new hub for managing users and services and getting support whenever needed.

The goal is to ensure that your organization is leveraging the full potential of Microsoft 365, marking the completion of your migration from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365.

person showing steps on how to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 migration made easy

If you feel confused or overwhelmed after reading our how-tos, we have one more piece of advice for you. Why not reach out to an expert managed service provider (MSP)?

MSPs make it easy when you migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365. They have the know-how to plan everything just right for your business, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, they keep your email running smoothly during the move, so you can keep doing your thing without hiccups.

Even after the move, MSPs have your back. They help set up your email on different devices, fix issues, and even teach your team how to make the most of Microsoft 365. As your business grows, MSPs ensure your Microsoft 365 can grow right along with it.

So, with MSPs, you can say goodbye to the complicated how-tos of migrating from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365. You can sit back and enjoy all the cool stuff the platform offers.

managed service providers

What happens when you migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365

When you make the switch from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365, you open the door to a world of possibilities. 

One of the immediate benefits you'll notice when you migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is a significant boost in productivity. 

Studies have shown that Microsoft 365 users can save up to 100 minutes per week on average due to improved collaboration and information sharing. This might seem small, but it adds to substantial time and cost savings when multiplied across your organization.

Another celebrated impact is enhanced security. Research indicates that businesses can experience up to 90% fewer security incidents after migrating to Microsoft 365. 

This enhanced security includes features like advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and multi-factor authentication, ensuring your data and communications are well-guarded.

a person showing statistics of boosted productivity and lower security breach

Start migrating to Microsoft 365 now

The choice to migrate from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 is a game-changer for businesses. It's not just about productivity gains and enhanced security. It's about staying competitive and future-proofing your operations.

Now, here's a tip to make this transition even smoother. If the migration process seems overwhelming, consider partnering with us, InfoTank, your trusted managed service provider. We make sure nothing is missed, keep your systems working during the transition, and offer support as your business expands.

Make the switch today and empower your business for a brighter, more efficient future!

happy office team after migrating to Microsoft 365

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the recommended method for migrating email from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365?

The suggested approach for a smooth email migration is to utilize the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. This method simplifies the process and ensures a seamless transition.

2. Is there downtime during the email migration from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365?

Minimal downtime is usually experienced during the migration. It depends on the size of your data and the chosen migration method. Using tools like PST files can help reduce downtime.

3. Can I migrate my GoDaddy email account to a new Microsoft 365 tenant?

Yes, you can migrate your email from GoDaddy to a new Microsoft 365 tenant using the proper procedures. It's essential to follow the tenant-to-tenant migration steps carefully.

4. How can I transfer my GoDaddy-hosted email to Exchange Online within Microsoft 365?

To move your email from GoDaddy to Exchange Online, you need to create a new tenant in Microsoft 365. Then, initiate the migration process using the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

5. Can I migrate my GoDaddy account if I have a vanity domain?

Yes, you can migrate a GoDaddy account with a vanity domain to Microsoft 365. Ensure that you follow the steps to update DNS records for your destination domain.