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Don't let ransomware attacks and IT failures cost you valuable information. When your storage fails, InfoTank can deliver an affordable and secure backup - right on time! We provide an IT safety net with continual data protection and disaster recovery.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery in Atlanta, GA

In the digital era, people of all ages are using technology in almost every aspect of their lives. That is because modern tech is easily accessible, convenient, and practical.

However, due to this trend, data has gained enormous value, and people utilize it for personal, intellectual, and business objectives. Unfortunately, disasters and data leakage can occur, causing important information to be lost, destroyed, or stolen.

During our decades-long experience, we found that the three leading causes of data loss in Atlanta are: technological issues, human errors, and natural disasters. But with the right protection and strategy in place, you can greatly minimize your losses and even completely avoid such incidents.

Let us safeguard your data

InfoTank is a one-stop shop for all your IT safety concerns. Take advantage of our advanced backup services, cyber protection, and recovery solutions. We can help you protect your data, teach you how to safeguard your information continually, and deal with any emergency that arises.

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We are here to help you recover

We've successfully recovered data from every major server and hard drive manufacturer. We've also dealt with all types of data loss scenarios and pride ourselves on having leading data recovery success rates in Atlanta!

We are here to back you up

We provide server and endpoint backup services. Sleep better at night, knowing your data is safe, no matter where you store it.

We are here to protect

We have supported businesses through thousands of cyberattacks during our long careers. Allow us to assist you in protecting your company with industry-leading technologies and exclusive threat intelligence.

We are here to deal with your crisis

Rely on us to deal with disaster recovery and get you back up and running in no time. Our experienced staff is at your disposal 24/7.

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Data backup and recovery in Atlanta, GA: the process

You can contact our experts via phone call or by filling out the form below. Firstly, we will set up a meeting to discuss what kind of services you require — data recovery, backup, protection, or testing. Afterward, we will run a free diagnostic test and check your existing security and backup systems.

Once we have all the information about the state of your systems and devices, we can talk about potential strategies. Our goal is for your data to remain secure, whatever threat comes your way.

  • Contact us regarding your issue
  • Free security testing/diagnostic
  • Creating a strategy
  • Implementing new backup systems or starting the recovery process
  • Final testing of your new cyber security/backup systems or verifying and returning recovered data
  • Systems maintenance

Do you have any questions? Simply fill out your information below, and we will contact you promptly.

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Top-rated Data Recovery solutions

Data loss can occur at any time. It can happen due to accidental deletion, occasional human errors, or technology failures. For this reason, InfoTank has created a wide range of data recovery services to assist you in reclaiming your important data.

Our data recovery professionals are trained to retrieve information from a wide range of media platforms and storage devices, including RAIDs, flash drives, hard drives, tapes, memory cards, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, cameras, and many more. In addition, we adhere to the industry's highest security standards to guarantee your data is secure both before and after the recovery.

InfoTank can recover your data swiftly and reliably. We tend to exhaust all options before declaring a case unrecoverable, making data recovery our top priority.

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Best-in-breed Data Backup services

We can help you meet compliance and regulatory standards by maintaining the security of all of your workload, from data to apps and systems.

To proactively safeguard your information, InfoTank uses state-of-the-art software that monitors your devices and notifies us in advance of any unprotected files, apps, and workloads.
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Server Backup

We offer you safe local and cloud backup with flexible retention options. At InfoTank, we will connect a local backup server to the host and secure the chosen systems.

The backed-up data is compressed, which reduces the data footprint, effectively decreases impact, and speeds up upload time to the cloud as less data needs to be transported.

Once seeded, the server runs incremental backups, only capturing changes. The backup server updates regularly, while changes are safely sent to the cloud on a different timetable.

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Endpoint Backup

No company is immune to data loss caused by inadvertent deletions, ransomware, or lost or stolen equipment. That's why you should let InfoTank, the best data backup and recovery in Atlanta, GA, protect your business.

We provide endpoint backup across all PCs and devices in your workplace. First, we establish a centralized vault, then silently install backup software on tablets, laptops, and computers, using the best management tools.

Afterward, we back dispersed devices to the vault using the local cache. As a result, you can recover data or remotely delete it if your device gets stolen or lost.

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Microsoft 365 backup

For small businesses, data loss in Microsoft 365 apps can be a huge setback. That's why you want a purpose-built backup solution to guarantee IT managers can restore as much data as possible in case of app failure.

InfoTank has a Microsoft 365 backup solution that captures and replicates changes in Office apps and sends them to a backup instance. We can set the backup to run periodically, for example, a couple of times a day.

If you ever need to recover data, you can perform granular or full-fidelity restores of your Microsoft 365 content. Simply use the search option to find data on OneDrive, Calendar, Email, SharePoint, and Teams. Then, restore depending on the content type, subject line, owner, and other criteria.

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A complete cyber protection

Cyberattacks have been ranked as the fifth most dangerous risk in 2020 and have become the new standard in both the public and private sectors. Every day, ransomware and skilled cyber actors launch assaults, threatening to obliterate all you've accomplished for your small business. Depending on the severity, they can cause costly downtime, loss of sensitive information, data breaches, or worse.

What's more, cybercriminals' strategies are always changing. That is why a multilayered strategy is your greatest defense against next-generation cyberattacks. InfoTank is aware of these risks and has the tools necessary to defend your network and safeguard your data. Our IT security services enable you to tailor your security solution to protect each layer within your domain.

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Backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta, GA

You might permanently lose data due to cyberattacks, aggrieved employees, or natural disasters. So, getting access to your data should be one of your company's top priorities if something like this happens. That's why a thorough backup and recovery system is critical to ensuring your company's long-term survival.

InfoTank is your best option for data backup and recovery in Atlanta, GA. We've responded to numerous disaster data recovery cases and understand the nature of emergencies. For this reason, our engineers are at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In extreme situations, we offer you an accelerated service that has a 24-hour turnaround time.

From the moment you include us in your case, you will be assigned a manager as your single point of contact. They will make sure your needs are met and keep you updated every step of the process.

Don't let data loss or disaster slow you down, get InfoTank's fail-proof backup!

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