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We're InfoTank, your locally grown IT support partner serving Marietta, GA. With 24 years of experience, a team averaging 20 years of IT knowledge, over 100 years of combined team experience, and a record of increasing client operations efficiency by 30%, we're here to meet your every IT need.

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Knowing Marietta, GA

Marietta, GA is not just a city; it's home. It's where we've built connections, grown businesses, and solved IT challenges for mid-sized businesses. And we do it by understanding our city, its people, and local businesses' unique IT issues.

Elevate your technology with these expert features

Allow us to introduce some of the core features that make InfoTank a trusted name in IT support services in Marietta:

Innovative IT Infrastructure

Comprehensive solutions, from hardware and networks to cloud and VOIP solutions.

Proactive IT Management

Including helpdesk support, proactive maintenance, and virtual CIO services.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Robust security protocols, from endpoint detection to data backups and disaster recovery.

Custom Web Development

Tailor-made website design and database management solutions.

Rapid Response

Our local team ensures swift assistance when you need it.

Remote Monitoring Tools

We keep a keen eye on your systems to avoid any downtime.

Benefits of choosing InfoTank as your technical support specialist

Before we get to specifics, here are six benefits you'll enjoy when you choose to partner with us:

  • Local Team: Senior engineers who know Marietta and can be onsite swiftly.
  • Cost-Effective: We function as your in-house IT department, but without the cost of maintaining one.
  • Tailored IT Solutions: We offer services to meet your business needs.
  • Proactive Management: We help you avoid IT issues before they can disrupt your business.
  • Tech Advancement: We employ state-of-the-art technology for secure and efficient services.
  • Long-Term Partnership: We don't just provide IT support. We aim to be your partner in success.

Our diverse range of managed IT services in Georgia

At InfoTank, we provide a broad spectrum of IT services to meet all your business needs:

Allowing you to focus on your business while we handle your IT operations.

Assisting you in leveraging the power of cloud computing.

Providing expert advice to help you make informed decisions.

Safeguarding your business from cyber threats.

Protecting your critical business data.

IT staff augmentation

We keep a keen eye on your systems to avoid any downtime.

Industries served

InfoTank's expertise spans various industries in Marietta, including healthcare, legal, finance, retail, manufacturing, and more. Understanding each industry's unique IT needs allows us to deliver tailored solutions.


ArgoCTS serving legal firms



cloud services offered by ArgoCTS



Managed IT services

What am I getting with InfoTank?

When you partner with InfoTank for IT support in Marietta, you're getting more than just a service provider. You're getting a committed partner, a problem solver, an innovator, and a team that's always on call. Our Marietta IT support is comprehensive, reliable, and targeted to your needs. Whether it's cloud services, network security, data recovery, or managed IT services, InfoTank provides the best IT support Marietta businesses can trust.

Managed IT services


InfoTank is proud to hold multiple accreditations highlighting our commitment to providing excellent IT support services. We're partners with Microsoft, Windows Server, and Dell PartnerDirect. Additionally, our team holds various certifications in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and network architecture.

Awards and recognition

Over the years, InfoTank's commitment to providing top-notch IT support in Marietta has been recognized with several awards. Several local and national organizations have named, awarded, and recognized us. These recognitions testify to our dedication to delivering outstanding IT services and support to all our clients.

Our clients love us, see for yourself

"I trust them enough to refer my own valuable clients to them"
"I have worked with Infotank for over 20 years. I trust them enough to refer my own valuable clients to them. Dave, Matt, and the crew have never let me down. Highest of recommendations."


"It seems like my issues are first on their list"
"Clayton provides excellent support for software and hardware issues. It seems like my issues are first on their list! Besides knowledge and ability, Clayton is also thoughtful and does not make fun of my lack of "computerese" or "computer abilities". He explains carefully and kindly."


"They work diligently to solve whatever the problem may be"
"InfoTank has been absolutely wonderful to work with and very helpful and attentive to any issues we've had with technology. They work diligently to solve whatever the problem may be and if they cannot immediately resolve the problem, they are great at helping with a temporary solution until a permanent resolution can be made. Clayton and his team are very courteous, respectful, and professional and have been a joy to work with!"


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Contact us if you're ready to elevate your business operations with top-tier IT support. Reach us at (770) 924 7309 or fill out our online Contact Form. Our team will connect with you to understand your needs and find a way to move forward together. We'll provide you with the best customer experience possible by leveraging our decades of IT expertise. 

Local map packs

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

The Georgia Tech Research Institute is a world-class organization known for its groundbreaking research and technological innovation. It's located just 9.7 miles southeast of Marietta. By providing essential technological solutions to many industries, the GTRI is a pillar of the tech community in Georgia. It's an example of how technology can drive the industry forward, just as our IT services do for businesses in Marietta.

Cobb Chamber of Commerce

The  Cobb Chamber of Commerce, located in Marietta, Georgia, is another notable organization that supports the local business community, including the technology and managed service provider (MSP) industries. By promoting local businesses and fostering connections, the Cobb Chamber is instrumental in strengthening the local economy.

Managed IT services

Satisfaction guarantee

At InfoTank, we are committed to delivering superior service and solutions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we guarantee it. If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of our IT services, we pledge to address your concerns promptly and to your full satisfaction. We are confident in our ability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Links to external resources

For more information and resources that can aid your business within Georgia, check out the following links:

These resources offer a wealth of information on doing business in Georgia, provide useful insights into the tech industry, and can guide you towards growth and success.

Managed IT services


We believe in giving back to our community. That's why we partner with local organizations to recycle old equipment safely and responsibly. Any equipment that is not in a reusable state is appropriately disposed of to minimize environmental impact. Additionally, we donate a portion of our profits to local charities to help make a difference in the community we serve.

Managed IT services

Join our team

Are you interested in becoming part of the InfoTank team? We always seek talented individuals who share our passion for technology and customer service. We want to hear from you if you're driven, tech-savvy, and eager to make a difference. Check out our Careers Page for the latest job openings.

Managed IT services

Empowering your business with the best solutions and support services

In a digital world that's continuously evolving, partnering with an MSP that's in sync with the latest trends and technologies can make a significant difference in your business's performance. InfoTank empowers Georgia businesses with robust, reliable, managed IT services that drive efficiency, productivity, and success.

Our team of seasoned IT professionals is dedicated to understanding your business's unique needs and delivering custom solutions that align with your goals. From managing your IT infrastructure to providing proactive support, you can count on us to keep your systems up and running.

Join the numerous businesses across Georgia who've chosen InfoTank as their trusted MSP. Let's redefine what's possible with IT, together. For more information or to schedule a consultation, Contact Us today or send us an e-mail at Your digital transformation journey starts here!

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Frequently asked questions about tech support in Marietta

What technical support services does InfoTank provide in Georgia?

At InfoTank, we offer a range of technical support services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our services include computer software installation, troubleshooting, device support for software, and printer resolution, among others. Our technicians are experienced in both desktop support and mobile device management. They are your primary point of contact for all IT-related concerns.

Who will be my technical support specialist?

When you engage with InfoTank, you will be assigned a dedicated technical support specialist. This person will be knowledgeable about your business and its IT infrastructure, providing personalized service and becoming your primary point of contact. Our specialists are adept in various areas, including computer repair, software support, and mobile device management.

Can you provide remote technical support in Marietta and Metro Atlanta?

Yes, InfoTank's comprehensive managed IT services extend across Georgia, including Marietta and the greater Metro Atlanta area. We offer remote support for software, mobile devices, and PC troubleshooting. Our specialist team can resolve most issues virtually, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your operations.

What does the computer repair service involve?

Our computer repair services cover both software and hardware issues. This could range from software installation, troubleshooting, and resolution to hardware components like electronics and printer support. For local clients in Marietta and Metro Atlanta, we also offer onsite services as needed.

Are there any technical support jobs available in Marietta with InfoTank?

InfoTank is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. We hire for various roles, including technical support specialists, help desk analysts, and computer repair technicians. Visit our hiring page to learn more about the jobs available in Marietta with InfoTank.

What managed IT services do you offer in Marietta, GA?

Our managed IT services Marietta GA provide a comprehensive solution for businesses. We offer desktop support, help desk services, device monitoring, and technical support for software, among others. Our aim is to become your technology partner, providing the expertise and flexibility that allows you to focus on your core business.

Why choose InfoTank for my technical support needs?

Choosing InfoTank means gaining a partner with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Our technical support team is knowledgeable and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We understand that every client is unique and aim to provide personalized service that meets your needs. We're not just a call center – you are your IT support service, with a dedicated team ready to help when needed.

What is the integrity of the computer services you provide?

At InfoTank, integrity is at the heart of everything we do. From computer repairs to managed IT services, we strive to provide transparent, reliable, and efficient services. We'll work diligently to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure and optimally functioning.

What kind of flexibility can I expect with your services?

InfoTank's services are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you're looking for desktop support, help with a specific device, or a completely managed IT service package, we can adapt to meet your needs. This flexibility extends to how we deliver our prompt services, offering both onsite and remote support to cater to your business's demands.

Does InfoTank have a monitoring service?

Yes, part of our managed IT services offering includes continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure. This proactive approach enables us to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring your systems remain up and running.

Does InfoTank provide technical support for home theater systems?

Indeed, InfoTank provides technical support for various electronics, including home theater systems. Our experts are skilled in installing and troubleshooting these systems, ensuring that your entertainment experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Who will be my support manager?

At InfoTank, we assign a dedicated support manager to each client. This person is your go-to contact for any IT-related issues and will coordinate with our technical support specialists to address your needs. The support manager is committed to ensuring the highest level of customer support and satisfaction.

Can InfoTank help with job searches in the IT sector in Marietta, GA?

Yes, InfoTank has a broad network within the IT sector in Marietta, GA, and can assist in job searches. We connect qualified individuals with IT jobs available in Marietta. For more information, visit our jobs page.

What does InfoTank's managed service solution entail?

InfoTank's managed service solution provides comprehensive IT support for businesses. It covers desktop support, mobile device management, software support, and infrastructure monitoring. Our team of technical support specialists, help desk analysts, and computer repair technicians work together to ensure your IT needs are met and exceeded.

Can InfoTank provide support to my business's virtual computing needs?

Absolutely. InfoTank has expertise in supporting virtual compute environments. Our team is adept at managing and troubleshooting various virtualization technologies. Whether you're running virtual desktop infrastructure or operating a virtual private server, our technical support specialists can provide the assistance you need.

Why is InfoTank considered as 'geeks' in IT services?

'Geeks' is a term of endearment in the IT industry, reflecting our passion and expertise in technology. At InfoTank, our team is filled with 'geeks' who are always on top of the latest trends and technologies. They use their deep knowledge to provide expert technical support and managed IT services to our clients.

What's InfoTank's tier system in handling technical support?

InfoTank operates a tiered system for handling technical support. This helps us prioritize and address issues based on their complexity and urgency. Tier 1 includes basic troubleshooting, while tier 2 involves more complex issues. If necessary, we also have a tier 3 level that deals with high-level problems requiring specialized expertise.

What type of customer service can I expect from InfoTank?

At InfoTank, customer service is at the core of what we do. We believe in providing a personalized service experience to each client. Our dedicated team, including our support managers, technical support specialists, and help desk analysts, is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services.

How do I connect with InfoTank for IT support services?

Connecting with InfoTank is easy. You can reach us via our call center for immediate assistance or submit a support request form on our website. We are ready and eager to help you with your IT needs, offering expert technical support in Marietta, Georgia, and the Metro Atlanta area.

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