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100% customer satisfaction assured ★

24 years in business

Our longevity speaks volumes about our quality.

20 years of experience per tech

Our techs aren't just skilled; they're experts.

100% customer satisfaction

No compromises, only results.

Support for 5 - 500 employee growth

We scale with you smoothly.

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Why Roswell is the tech hub you didn't know about... until now

Roswell, Georgia—a thriving suburb just north of Atlanta—is not just rich in history and culture; it's also rapidly becoming a hotbed for technological innovation. Nestled only a few miles away from Marietta, the area is an emerging hub for IT activity. Local businesses often face challenges like data security threats and IT infrastructure scalability. That's where our team comes in to offer localized, reliable IT support in Roswell, GA, perfect for the city's growing tech environment. 

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Six reasons InfoTank will be your last IT partner ever!

You're probably wondering, "What makes us special?" We're glad you asked. Here are six undeniable reasons that will not only answer your question but also make you think, "Where has this company been all my business life?"

  • Unmatched expertise—two decades strong
    Imagine having IT support in Roswell, GA, where every single tech has 20 years of experience. That's not a typo. Two decades of practical know-how go into solving your IT challenges the first time, saving you money and frustration.

  • Local heroes—real people, expert knowledge
    We're not just in Atlanta; we're from Atlanta. Our local team of senior engineers is always ready to roll, giving you quality, responsive service. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you’re part of our neighborhood, and we treat our neighbors right.

  • A tailor-made experience—IT your way
    Hey, we get it. One-size-fits-all solutions just don’t cut it. We listen, then build you a fully tailored IT solution that fits like a glove at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally.

  • Scalability: From startup to empire
    Whether you've got 5 employees or are on your way to 500, our support scales with you. We're your long-term partner in growth, from small-time operations to full-scale enterprises.

  • Masterminds of cybersecurity—sleep soundly
    Your business is your castle, and we're the moat filled with alligators. Enjoy 24x7 protection with our industry-leading cybersecurity systems. From advanced firewall management to staff security training, we've got all bases covered.

  • Specialty services—more than just IT
    Special services? We've got 'em. From custom web development to specialized solutions for churches, we're not just an IT support in Roswell, GA; we're a solutions company. Your unique needs are our specialty.

What we can give to Roswell businesses...

Alright, you already know why we're the go-to choice for IT solutions. Now, let's unveil the nitty-gritty—the standout features that give your business the competitive edge you’ve been dreaming of.

Your business' silent partner

Who says you can’t afford a chief information officer? With us, you get access to virtual CIO expertise. We’re talking regular assessments, strategic planning, and more—without the C-suite price tag.

Flawless connectivity, zero headaches

Network bogging you down? Say hello to our seamless network services. From monitoring security to managing internet outages, we've got your network's back so you can focus on what you do best.

Your safety net just got stronger

It's not sexy, but it's crucial. Data backups and disaster recovery provide you with an ultra-secure, cloud-based safety net. Natural disaster or cyberattack, you’re back in business before you can say, "What just happened?"

Work from anywhere... literally

Cloud solutions from our team mean you’re never tethered to a desk. Your data is secure and accessible from any device, anywhere. Freedom and security, together at last.

Convert clicks into clients

Elevate your digital presence with custom web development services. We’re talking slick design, functionality, and performance—all optimized to turn site visitors into loyal customers.

Lead with cutting-edge infrastructure

Experience the future now with an IT infrastructure that boasts professional-grade hardware, maximum compatibility, and minimal downtime. Because your business deserves nothing less than the best.

The history of this IT company

Best IT support Roswell, GA | 24 years of transforming businesses with our technology services

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who've experienced the InfoTank difference in IT management, cybersecurity, and custom web development. Our team specializes in fully customized services, meaning you get what you need at a fraction of the cost of internal staffing.

  • IT management in Roswell
    Why wing it when you can have a masterpiece? Struggling to orchestrate your IT initiatives? With our IT management services, you become the conductor of a well-tuned operation in Roswell. From hands-on helpdesk support to proactive system maintenance, we make sure everything is pitch-perfect.

  • Cybersecurity in Roswell
    Make your business untouchable.
    A knight in shining armor doesn't stand a chance against our modern-day cybersecurity solutions. Offering endpoint detection and response, spam filtering, and top-notch firewalls, we're the moat, the drawbridge, and the guard tower wrapped into one.

  • Cloud solutions in Roswell
    Your office reimagined. Thought the cloud was just a storage locker in the sky? Think again. Our cloud solutions allow you to work from virtually anywhere without compromising on security. Say hello to remote work that actually works.

  • Custom web development in Roswell
    Make a grand entrance every time. Your website isn't just a digital storefront; it's the lifeblood of your online presence. With our custom web development services, you get a site that turns every visitor into a potential customer. It's the digital charisma your business deserves.

  • ISP and VoIP in Roswell
    Be heard, be seen, be unstoppable. Poor connectivity could put you on hold—literally. Our ISP and VoIP services ensure you're always in the conversation and never in the buffering zone. With our hassle-free setup and competitive pricing, you can take that call and make that deal.

  • Intranet in Roswell
    Step into the future of internal communications. Paper memos and bulletin boards are so 20th century. Our Intranet services give you a centralized hub for everything your team needs. Files, policies, support tickets—you name it. It's your company's Wikipedia, but better.

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Industries served in Georgia: We speak your language!

We understand that every industry comes with its unique set of challenges. That's why we've diversified our experience to offer top-notch IT services across various sectors. Whether you run a local church, a bustling e-commerce store, or a corporate office, our IT solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.


ArgoCTS serving legal firms



cloud services offered by ArgoCTS



What can we get from this company

What are you getting from our managed IT services?

What sets us apart is the comprehensive suite of services tailor-fitted to your unique business needs. We specialize in delivering streamlined operations, enhancing your security measures, and ensuring robust scalability. With 24 years in the business and local teams of senior engineers, you can offload your IT concerns with our IT support in Roswell, GA, and focus squarely on what you do best—running your successful enterprise.

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Where expertise meets excellence

Quality assurance badge for companies

We don't just meet standards; we set them as professionals!

We're not in it for the plaques on the wall, but they sure do look nice! Our company has received multiple awards for its unparalleled customer service and innovative IT solutions. We take pride in our 100% customer satisfaction rate; our excellence doesn't go unnoticed. We set the standard for IT support in Roswell, GA, and we have the accolades to prove it.

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Top tech institutions in Roswell and beyond!

An innovation center dedicated to helping technology companies grow and thrive right here in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Located in nearby Buckhead, this entrepreneurial community aims to support and inspire innovators, making it one of the largest tech hubs in the U.S.

What our customers are saying

"I trust them enough to refer my own valuable clients to them"
"I have worked with Infotank for over 20 years. I trust them enough to refer my own valuable clients to them. Dave, Matt, and the crew have never let me down. Highest of recommendations."


"It seems like my issues are first on their list"
"Clayton provides excellent support for software and hardware issues. It seems like my issues are first on their list! Besides knowledge and ability, Clayton is also thoughtful and does not make fun of my lack of "computerese" or "computer abilities". He explains carefully and kindly."


"They work diligently to solve whatever the problem may be"
"InfoTank has been absolutely wonderful to work with and very helpful and attentive to any issues we've had with technology. They work diligently to solve whatever the problem may be and if they cannot immediately resolve the problem, they are great at helping with a temporary solution until a permanent resolution can be made. Clayton and his team are very courteous, respectful, and professional and have been a joy to work with!"


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Satisfaction guaranteed: We’re not happy until you are!

100% customer satisfaction isn't just a tagline; it's our commitment to you. We strive for excellence in every service we provide, assuring that you get the results you aim for. Your success is ours, and we stand by that—guaranteed!

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Clickable icons leading to resources like the North Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Roswell Recycling Center

Local resources are just a click away!

  • Greater North Fulton Chamber: A valuable resource for local businesses looking to network and grow. Stay updated with business news, events, and much more!

  • Roswell Recycling Center: Need to dispose of old computers and hardware responsibly? The Roswell Recycling Center provides safe and eco-friendly electronic waste recycling options.

  • Tech Talent South - Atlanta Campus: Looking to skill up your team? Tech Talent South offers coding and tech boot camps that are perfect for updating your team’s skillset.

Companies helping in charities and foundations

Giving back to the Atlanta community

We believe in giving back to the community that supports us. We actively engage in computer recycling, ensuring that e-waste doesn't pollute the environment. Moreover, we contribute to local charities, putting the 'serve' back in 'Service Provider.' You're not just investing in your business with us; you're investing in a better community.

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Join our team as a computer expert or technician!

Are you passionate about technology and eager to provide top-notch services? We're constantly on the hunt for talented individuals to join our team of experts. Click here to explore career opportunities.

InfoTank ready to serve clients

Ready to transform your business network & software?

You've seen what we offer and how we can make a difference in your business. So why wait? Fill out the form now, and let's take the first step toward seamless, secure, and efficient IT support in Roswell, Georgia. Say goodbye to tech headaches and hello to focus and growth.

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Frequently asked questions about our security & customer service

What managed IT services do you offer to enhance my computer technology?

We offer a comprehensive range of managed IT services, including but not limited to network security, backup and disaster recovery, and software solutions. We'll tailor our services to meet your unique support needs, ensuring you can focus on growing your Roswell business.

How do your network solutions contribute to the security of my Atlanta-based company?

Our network solutions are designed to ensure top-level cybersecurity, protecting your company from cyber threats. Trust our experienced technicians to provide a high level of service when it comes to safeguarding your network.

Why should a customer in Georgia choose you as their managed IT services provider?

We pride ourselves on delivering professional and reliable managed IT support services tailored to small businesses in Georgia. Whether you need phone support or in-house service, our team will adapt to meet your technology needs.

How can I contact you for immediate computer repair near Roswell?

If you need help with computer repair or any other technology issues, you can reach out to us for an appointment. We’re a Roswell IT company that's just a phone call away.

What software solutions can benefit my small business?

Our software solutions range from mobile apps to PC programs aimed at improving your productivity. We co-manage your software, ensuring everything is functioning properly so you don't have to hassle with it yourself.

Why should I hire your services for backup and disaster recovery?

We offer reliable, managed backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your data. With the capability to restore your systems, we ensure you can get back to business as usual in the event of a disaster.

How do I switch from my current provider to you?

Switching to us is easy! Just make an appointment, and we’ll handle everything from there, including installing and setting up any required technology. We aim to be the most reliable managed IT services provider in the Roswell and Atlanta areas.

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The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and so are the challenges that come with it. Don't wait for a cyber-attack or a system failure to shake up your business. Act now and ensure that you're ahead of the curve. Contact us today at 770-924-7309 or email sales@infotank.com and let InfoTank fortify your IT environment!

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