Email down for days with zero support?

It’s time to migrate to Microsoft 365!

A major system down can be frustrating. But it’s more than just the stress; it’s costing your business sales and customers, too!

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Rackspace to Microsoft, Real Quick

InfoTank’s Complete IT Management service helps businesses migrate from their current exchange system to a better platform, such as Microsoft 365. Our team of IT experts can help you migrate from:

  • Rackspace to Microsoft 365
  • POP3/IMAP to Microsoft 365
  • Google to Microsoft 365
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How InfoTank can help?

Your growing business deserves more. There's absolutely no reason to be stuck with some outdated and unresponsive IT management company that leaves you high and dry when it matters most...

InfoTank has a team of senior engineers, ready to provide expert and fully-tailored IT solutions whenever you call.

We are based in Atlanta and we can function as your remote IT support team, at a fraction of the cost of internal staffing!

We don’t outsource support and we always provide fast, personalized customer service. Our managed service team looks forward to adding you to the family and helping with all of your technology needs.

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”Their engineers are highly capable and they solve problems the first time.”

“We knew we needed an upgrade from our old out-of-state IT provider and we were introduced to InfoTank. We immediately noticed a difference in responsiveness and quality of service. Their engineers are highly capable and they solve problems the first time. They have also been able to help us with some larger projects like office moves and hardware purchases. I like that they are local and can quickly deploy to the office when needed.”

Camryn Mastel
CEO - Innovien Solutions

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Migrate to Microsoft 365 in 3 Easy Steps
Migrating your system is not necessarily easy, but with InfoTank’s experience and expertise, we’ll make the transition smooth-sailing for you.
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1. Consultation

We want to help you migrate your system as fast as we can, but we need to understand your situation to help you efficiently. A senior IT consultant will look into your case and our team will present the options we believe would be suitable for your business.

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2. Execution

Once we have enough information, our team will start migrating your system to Microsoft 65. If you’ve never used Office before, we will simultaneously train your staff ensuring everyone is ready for the brand new tool for your business.

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3. Continuous support

You can count on us to respond to your call if you need help in navigating your new exchange system. Our 24/7 live support is always available for assistance, with IT technicians answering all calls and resolving tickets swiftly.

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InfoTank is the Microsoft 365 Migration expert your business needs

Over the past 24 years, InfoTank has been an industry leader in information technology for small to medium-sized businesses, churches, and private schools.

Our hassle-free Microsoft 365 migration service ensures seamless transition, so you can provide a great experience for your customers.

”InfoTank has been instrumental in the IT growth strategy at Luv Carwash.”

“InfoTank has been instrumental in the IT growth strategy at Luv Carwash. As a fast moving startup, we’ve grown from 5 employees to 500 and InfoTank has been with us every step of the way. Our carwashes are located nationwide and they’ve been able to exceed our expectations. InfoTank has the expertise and flexibility we need to move at the speed of business.”

Matt Jordan
Luv Carwash

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does InfoTank migrate?

InfoTank provides comprehensive support to Microsoft Office 365 migrations from a variety of source servers such as Rackspace, POP3, IMAP, Google, and other platforms.

Can we implement remote migration?

Yes, we can complete system migration via remote work. A team of IT experts will be assigned to your project who will oversee the whole process from start to finish. We may deploy a team to your site on a case-to-case basis and with added cost.

How long will it take to complete the migration?

Because every business has different circumstances, it is challenging to determine precisely how long the process will take. There are several factors to consider including data source, data type and volume, network performance and other factors that may extend the time needed to complete the transfer. However, InfoTank will inform you all throughout and make necessary adjustments to beat your desired delivery date.

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