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Atlanta businesses are sitting ducks to hackers

Cybersecurity plays a crucial role and is part and parcel of today’s digital world. With cybersecurity attacks becoming more common for businesses worldwide, the need for IT network security is more relevant and necessary than ever before.

Most of Atlanta's business leaders are concerned about the growing threat of cybersecurity risks. Increased security testing and software development are required to combat the ever-changing attacks. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of not overlooking IT network security!

Most businesses depend on automated network security testing tools and procedures to ensure security compliance.

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Atlanta – The perfect place for network security support

For IT network security services in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, InfoTank is an industry leader in catering to businesses' cybersecurity needs. We guarantee affordable cybersecurity services for your business.

Are you a business owner with 10 or more employees and find IT management difficult, or are you facing problems with your current IT service provider? No need to get worked up, InfoTank is here to help! We handle all of your IT support and security services operations so you can focus on growing your business.

With our highly experienced experts, we deliver efficient IT management for businesses big and small across the state of Georgia - the major technology hub in the south.

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Your partner in IT network security

We help our clients create an effective IT security and management plan for the upcoming year or the next five years. With years of experience and knowledge in this field, we provide a personalized strategy to streamline IT for your business.

Instead of simply relying on your IT staff that has capped expertise to help you out, why not rely on us? With InfoTank, you get our decades of experience at a fraction of the cost of in-house staffing. This way, your staff gets to focus on the more important matters as we tackle cybersecurity risks for your business.

Managing IT infrastructure without expert assistance can be challenging. As a business owner with many employees under your care, you are responsible for handling several things. Outsourcing your Atlanta business' IT security to InfoTank will take the pressure off you.

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Protection from constant cyber threats

Managing the IT infrastructure without expert assistance can be a challenging task. So companies are always on the lookout for additional protection to keep the data secure. With InfoTank, cyber threat hunting is more specialized and accessible for businesses that need it the most.

You need to gain a better insight into the digital environment to protect your business against cyber-attacks. To help you best, we work with you to understand the following:

  • Your existing cyber defense systems and how well it works to catch potential threats.
  • The current cyberattacks and threats within your digital environment.
  • The areas where your business operations focus on technology the most.
  • Efficiency risks due to technology adoption.
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The impact of our IT network security

Network security is essential for businesses of all sizes to protect the reliability and safety of the IT network. Implementing advanced network security features helps manage access to your network and prevents a number of threats from spreading to your system.

The cybersecurity measures provided by InfoTank help protect networks and systems from cyberattacks from viruses and hackers. We focus on protecting confidential documents, information, and files from various types of network security risks.

Most network security services commonly implement authentication in the form of usernames and passwords to secure IT networks. By working with InfoTank, you benefit much more than that. We employ various network security tools such as antivirus programs, virtual private networks, and firewalls to safeguard your business network’s data.

Our advanced network security testing also checks your software for vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. While functional testing only determines if the software is running properly, our security testing tools can determine if the software is well-designed, threat free, and well-configured. We also focus on a wide array of elements for network security testing, which includes:

  • Various security loopholes impose cyber threats.
  • All types of vulnerabilities expose business assets to hackers.
  • Cyber protection of business assets like infrastructure and applications.
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Customized network security threat hunt

To thrive in today's connected world, businesses often adopt advanced technology to deliver high-quality outcomes to customers. InfoTank remains proactive in network threat hunting and accesses cyber risks to guarantee the continuity of critical operations. The main aim of InfoTank security assessment is to provide the best recommendations to ensure business operations never come to a halt despite cybersecurity threats.

While network security seems different for each business, every industry has unique IT security demands. InfoTank caters to your specific needs and helps create tailored IT service plans to meet your business requirements so you can enjoy maximum benefits.

Whether you need support for your current in-house IT team or full-service IT management to streamline cyber operations, we design a comprehensive plan to meet your IT budget and technology needs. InfoTank also has numerous services that most loyal clients have benefited from over the years. These IT security services include:

  • Network monitoring
  • Maintenance and monitoring of IT equipment
  • Monitoring server management
  • Cloud software
  • Cybersecurity and lots more

By working with us, you get to free up your internal IT resources and focus your attention on the core business practices.

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Who requires network security testing often?

If you happen to be a business owner in the financial or healthcare sector, you are legally bound to conduct regular network security tests. To manage security and stay safe, you must abide by the standards of PCI-DSS by conducting regular security audits.

All businesses with an online presence (irrespective of which industry) are potential targets for cyber attacks. In order to protect business assets, all online companies must perform regular network security testing to protect their business operations.

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Need for IT network security

Digitalization is more of a necessity than a competitive advantage in today's business world. With more and more organizations opting for digital transformation, IT networks and infrastructure security remains the top priority of every business owner.

To maintain a reliable and secure network system, businesses invest in network security services to tackle cyber-attacks and risks from hackers. Here are some benefits businesses stand to gain by working with InfoTank

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Information protection

In addition to business operations and interests, customers and clients exchange personal information with the organization. Anyone who gets a hold of the business network can jeopardize this critical customer information.

This confidential information and data must be protected at all costs from cyber-attacks to avoid causing any damage you may have to deal with later.

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Mitigate risk

InfoTank provides the best network security solution for businesses of all sizes to comply with government and business regulations. We also take the utmost care to minimize the financial impact in case any breach of network security occurs.

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Improves business

No matter how developed your IT team is, we provide the necessary IT support to oversee the routine tasks and fill in the gaps so that your in-house IT team can focus on growth-specific aspects of the company.

By outsourcing your IT support operations to InfoTank, you get to reap a significant amount of rewards. Rest assured, we provide services that enable your IT infrastructure to remain forefront in the forefront of technological developments and evolve to accommodate the newest technologies.

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Effective techniques for testing network security

With the need for IT network security measures being more prominent for businesses, IT professionals use different methods to address potential cyber threats and strengthen the IT support system. At InfoTank, we use different testing methods to create organized strategies for cyber security.

We use advanced IT network security testing methods to keep your security system up-to-date and to run. Some of the effective approaches to test your IT network security are as follows:

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Penetration testing / dynamic analysis

Penetration testing is an ethical software testing technique used by InfoTank to find out security flaws in the network. We use controlled cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities in the running system that hackers can exploit.

Using this network testing technique, web applications, network servers, wireless devices, network devices, and endpoints are all compromised to identify the weak points in the IT security system.

As part of penetration testing, several methods are used based on security concerns and business operations. This includes:

  • Blind test - IT security service providers simulate the same actions of a real hacker to find out how much private information is available to the public.
  • External tests - Testers perform this technique of hacking the network using an external source such as the Internet.
  • Internal tests - IT security experts simulate the actions of a hacker who has obtained access from an authorized user to private data.
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Network security scan

Security configuration scans are techniques used to search the IT infrastructure for any misconfiguration in the system. Misconfiguration of the IT system can result in vulnerabilities if the default values are not maintained, or the security system is not well defined.

As luck wouldn’t have it, hackers can easily detect missed configurations in the network system. Some of the common misconfigurations of an IT infrastructure includes:

  • Insufficient firewall protection.
  • Outdated web applications.
  • Unencrypted files.
  • Default account settings.

By working with InfoTank, we help our clients identify these incorrect security designs that make your network vulnerable to hackers. We also provide businesses with actionable advice to improve their cybersecurity frameworks and remain protected against possible vulnerabilities.

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What makes us unique?

As one of the leading IT network security service providers in Atlanta, GA, we have years of experience providing the best services to companies for streamlining their IT network system, providing IT support, and securing day-to-day IT operations. Our team of professionally qualified expert technicians helps support your business operations, so you need no longer worry about cybersecurity threats.

From small businesses to large nonprofit organizations, we provide the best business IT network security services to companies in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We aim to help clients receive reliable, uninterrupted, and highly functional IT security services in the region.

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Welcome to InfoTank

At InfoTank, we help each client create a consistent cybersecurity plan and manage business operations for startups using the help of professional experts. We take the lead in providing the best network security approach and strategy in Atlanta to tackle vulnerabilities and security loopholes.

We customize network security tools with on-site support to enable your business to perform at the best level. As businesses utilize our network security services and strategies, they experience a developed platform that enables them to accelerate quickly.

Schedule a call today to get in touch with our team for network security services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas in Georgia. We remain committed to offering the best assistance with all your IT network security needs so you can focus on the other pressing needs of your business.

”We are thankful to have them as partners.”

"InfoTank is very easy to work with! They are responsive in a timely manner and know our needs very well. They have worked with us over the years to develop the systems that we need and that work for us. We are thankful to have them as partners."

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The Hinman Dental Society

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