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InfoTank's spam filtering services detect and remove unwelcomed incoming emails that make up 90% of all emails globally - let your team focus on other things that matter to your business.

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Spam detection is a growing problem for most companies. One simple click on a malicious attachment can wreak havoc on your business, from compromising confidential data to bringing down an entire system. This is where InfoTank's spam filtering comes into play. Our best-of-breed solution provides a multi-layered approach to block spam emails, spear phishing, viruses, and malware.

  • Secures your network
  • Blocks trigger words
  • Blocks users from a blacklist
  • Saves you money

What makes spam filtering a necessity for businesses 

In today's digital and fast-paced world, spam is something most companies find hard to deal with. In short, it's a productivity-draining nuisance. Every time your company gets an email from a person trying to "sell" you something or trick you, your employees have to waste their time dealing with it.

Even if it's just a few minutes per day, if you multiply that by 5, 10, or 50 employees - it adds up to something like half of their shift. However, productivity losses are not as important as those economic losses caused by ransomware attacks, malware infections, and phishing attacks (they can literally shut your business down).

Say Goodbye To Spam Messages
Benefits of using spam filtering solutions
If you want to run a successful modern business, spam filtering is a must-have.

Boosts email productivity

The average office worker receives around 120 emails per day, half of which are nothing else but spam. This means that they can easily lose their focus and somehow forget to answer important emails. With no "garbage" coming into your employees' inboxes, you can boost their productivity and allow them to stay in touch with those clients who matter to your business.

Protects you against malware

Malware, viruses, and other types of malicious attacks are constantly heading to your employees' inboxes. Most of these tries are easy to notice and stop... until someone makes a mistake and opens one of them. With spam filtering solutions, you can stop 99.99% of them and make everyone's inbox stay free of those harmful emails.

Keeps you compliant

Many SMEs are often losing out on essential clients these days because their cyber security is simply not good enough. Spam filtering services are a huge part of any cyber security plan, helping you stay compliant with the demands and wishes of agencies and companies that care about data privacy.

It saves you money

Don't risk someone from your company falling prey to continuous phishing scams. Hackers are so good that their emails look legit, and nothing seems wrong at first - until they give credit card or company information, losing your precious time and money before everything gets back to normal. 

”Their engineers are highly capable and they solve problems the first time.”

“We knew we needed an upgrade from our old out-of-state IT provider and we were introduced to InfoTank. We immediately noticed a difference in responsiveness and quality of service. Their engineers are highly capable and they solve problems the first time. They have also been able to help us with some larger projects like office moves and hardware purchases. I like that they are local and can quickly deploy to the office when needed.”

Camryn Mastel
CEO - Innovien Solutions

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Why choose our spam filtering
Although there are many different anti-spam solutions available on the market, the one from InfoTank provides unmatched protection against malicious URLs, zero-day phishing threats, and phishing emails, ensuring your organization's security.


User-friendly solutions that won't take much time for your employees to manage everything.

High spam detection rate

With a spam detection rate of over 99.5%, you can say goodbye to unwanted stuff in your inbox.

Flexibility and scalability

Whether you are expanding or downsizing, we will be there to help you out.

Cost and affordability

Choose the payment options that work for you and enjoy the features you need.

Prevent cyber threats with our spam filtering solutions

Keep garbage out of your email inboxes and focus on important things.

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