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InfoTank was founded to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that require an affordable and reliable VoIP provider in Atlanta. At a fraction of the cost offered by other MSPs, we will provide your company with brand new VoIP systems , ensure their smooth operation, and monitor them for potential threats and breaches. In other words, we provide VoIP Atlanta businesses have been waiting for!

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Efficient client communication through VoIP

Small enterprises and large corporations alike have one thing in common — client communication is a crucial aspect of their business operations. As a result, they constantly strive towards new and improved solutions to help them reach their customers faster and establish a firmer bond.

In recent years, VoIP has emerged as a more versatile and affordable alternative to regular phone calls and messaging. Using the Internet, clients and companies can now place and receive calls while remaining mobile and geographically flexible. This sort of communication has become so common that all businesses implement it, regardless of their size.

If you want to experience the benefits of VoIP communication firsthand, partner with InfoTank. As one of the best VoIP providers Atlanta has to offer, we will implement all the necessary systems at a price that fits your budget.

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Why choose InfoTank

As one of the best VoIP providers in Atlanta, InfoTank provides a range of services designed to ensure smooth communication with your clients, suppliers, and partners. Our veteran IT technicians will assess your needs, design suitable solutions, and continuously support you from the background.

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State-of-the-art VoIP solutions

Thanks to our advanced VoIP telephone systems, your communication with clients will be smooth, quick, and straightforward. We will ensure that you experience no unplanned downtime and that your customers can reach you wherever they are in the world. Show that you are reliable and dedicated to your clients with the best business VoIP Atlanta has to offer.

Unparalleled customer support

With our IT experts on standby 24/7, our customer support is unmatched in the Atlanta area. We provide answers to all your questions and solutions to all your IT-related issues, regardless of their complexity. In addition, our staff is friendly and inviting, ensuring you are assisted in the best possible way whenever you call.

Veteran-owned company

InfoTank first opened its doors in 1998, during the dot-com era. Since then, we’ve provided IT solutions to hundreds of customers, steadily gaining experience with each one. Now, we can proudly say that we are veterans in the field, with enough combined experience to assess your needs and devise suitable solutions on the spot.

Astounding client retention rates

Thanks to our client-specific solutions and expertise, we consistently meet our customers’ expectations, leading to a 100% satisfaction rate. Once they partner up with us, our clients use our services for years, never feeling the need to search for another MSP in Atlanta.

Long-term partnership

Rather than being just another IT vendor, we strive to become your long-term IT partner, providing our support for many years to come. As a result, we take a personalized approach to our clients, working to understand their specific strategies and goals. Afterward, we design custom solutions that address their particular needs and continue to do so during our entire collaboration.

Accessible to small and medium-sized businesses

Unlike large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses frequently struggle to find an affordable VoIP provider ready to address their business needs adequately. That’s why they turn to InfoTank. Thanks to our expert negotiators, we can secure partnerships with some of the best VoIP providers in the field at rock-bottom prices.

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VoIP in Atlanta

Thanks to its useful integrations and features, reliable live support, and state-of-the-art security solutions, InfoTank stands out from the crowd of MSPs in Atlanta.

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Professional assessment of your VoIP needs

Before we begin our collaboration, our team of experts will assess your company’s IT infrastructure and VoIP needs. During the assessment, we will address your pain points, the frequency of phone calls, phone marketing campaigns, and required apps and software. That way, rather than implementing the tools your business has no use for, we ensure we install only the necessary technologies.

Variety of available integrations

The biggest benefit of a VoIP system is its ability to integrate with other systems and incorporate various useful features. With InfoTank’s assistance, your company will gain access to valuable tools such as a help desk, call recording, online fax and text messaging, call forwarding, and CRM software. We will help you leverage these features to speed up your company’s growth and reach your desired goals.

24/7 live support

Hardly anything is as frustrating as reaching out to your IT support and receiving only an automated voice message. Here at InfoTank, we are fully aware of that, and we make sure that our customers never have to talk to bots or stay on hold for too long. Our 24/7 live support is always available for assistance, with IT technicians answering all calls and resolving tickets swiftly.

Expert security solutions

To ensure your client communication and data remain secure while using VoIP, we implement state-of-the-art security solutions and regularly monitor your systems. As soon as a threat is detected, we remove it and perform root cause analysis to find out how the breach occurred. That helps us prevent similar issues in the future.

InfoTank’s core values
InfoTank is one of the best VoIP providers in Atlanta because of the core values it strictly upholds in all partnerships. Without them, we would not be able to build a trustworthy business that clients repeatedly choose to return to.


As your IT partner, we are a part of your team, dedicated to your successes just as much as to our own. Thus, we want to ensure your VoIP systems run smoothly, allowing you seamless communication with your clients, partners, and suppliers. Put your company’s IT infrastructure into our hands, and we’ll prove that we are worthy of your trust.


We take particular pride in our team’s efficiency and ability to implement new technologies quickly, identify potential pain points, and resolve tickets. However, our goal is to improve your company’s efficiency, too, ensuring that your business operations and client communication run smoothly at all times. So far, we have been successful, with our customers reporting a 30% efficiency increase in their day-to-day performance.


Speed is vital when an IT-related problem arises. Hence, InfoTank’s policy is to consistently work on its response time, attempting to break its own records with each new call. Our technicians are always on standby, ready to resolve your issues, be it through remote support or on-site intervention. That way, we help you avoid unplanned downtime and loss of potential customers.


When presenting your options or explaining the issues, we avoid using complicated IT jargon that our clients might not understand. Instead, we communicate with you openly and clearly, keeping you up to date with our activities related to your company. That way, you are always aware of your options and able to choose a strategy that suits your budget and goals.

Get started in three steps
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1. Consultation

Discuss your goals and expectations with us before committing to a full partnership. Consultation is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and decide whether we are the right IT vendor for you. We will also present the options we believe would be suitable for your company, giving you an insight into our expertise.

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2. Implementation

Once you choose InfoTank as your IT collaborator, we will begin implementing VoIP technologies into your company. If you’ve never used similar tools before, we will simultaneously train your staff, ensuring everyone is ready for the new chapter in your company’s journey.

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3. Continuous background support

As your long-term partner, we will continue monitoring and supporting your company even once the new VoIP technology has been installed. Thanks to that, you can focus on achieving your business goals, knowing that your company’s IT infrastructure is in good hands.

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InfoTank is the VoIP provider your company needs

No company can operate without customers, making client communication every business’s topmost priority. Therefore, you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure allows your clients to reach you regardless of the time and the place.

A modern solution to all client communication issues is VoIP, delivered by one of the best VoIP providers in Atlanta - InfoTank.

Discover the difference an excellent VoIP provider can make in your company!

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